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I’m a part of New Centrism, where we claim to be neither left nor right but mysteriously always support Marxist-Leninist views

its interesting that it *appears* the empire and wealthier groups depicted are surrounded by plastic and the poorer are not , hmm

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I've been long fretting about the absolutely grotesque volume of plastic i have little choice not to have in my house,

even were i to avoid it with fruits and vegetables (which im aiming to do)
shampoo, bleach, salt, juice (and so on and so on) sits in my apartment like a waystation till the endlessly expanding dump

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god, i should really talk about my music more 😅

aside from these more high minded considerations, its interesting how the look and feel of most of the series is down to the predominance of metal, ceramic and so on, where normally you'd expect plastic

in fact it's striking how *little* plastic you normally see on screen

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interpassivity has to be considered, the act of engaging with media containing something "radical" rather than taking action

but i wonder, can people not find some encouragement, or is this just an elegant pressure release valve?

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i think it lacks much of the idealistic bent of other related series, it accepts that getting your hands dirty and knuckles raw is inevitable

its not the apex of art and culture, but it seems like something a little different

much has to be considered as to its effect, material circumstances make the possibilities for change and art is not the driver of change, but it can shape, can mould

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what the hell does this have to do with a star wars tv show?

well it takes as granted that the enemy are not only in power, but massively strong and capable

and then moves to show they have become, to some extent, complacent with their power

it elucidates an understanding that revolutions are made in blood, that factions in opposition have their own beliefs that cannot be papered over, that death can be sudden

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Adornos own pessimistic outlook has to be in the context to the apocalyptic backdrop of WW2 and the loss of so many good people to a seemingly inevitable death machine

in the context of a calcification of the soviet unions structures of power

in the growth of American hegemony

i think relying on ideas formed in that crucible are ill advised

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especially Society of the Spectacle, while laying out an actual problem, seems to describe it as intractable, impossible to overcome

i do not rail against the analysis, i just think that it comes from a current of authors who, i think to be fair, had resigned themselves to mostly describing the world, the problem, and left absent or sparing any approach to overcoming this

and i feel a lot of this is a retreat from the possibility of mass politics

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i think recuperation is taking radical ideas and paring them down till they can be sold to a mass market

i don't think an explicit call for violence against those using forced prison labour *is* recuperable

i think, generally, there is such a gross strain of pessimism running through the Frankfurt school, the letterists and the situationists (though my reading is hardly comprehensive)

I've previously used the term "adornian pessimism", but this equally could be "debordian"

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for my sins i am watching and surprisingly enjoying Andor

recuperation, as the situationists communicated it, has its conterpart

namely, putting ideas into pop culture which corrode it

i joke only slightly, but playing FF7 as a teenager did make me consider: what act would be unconscionable in the face of an existential threat to the planet or furthermore to a mass of humanity?

it will be on the 2022 soundtrack compilation, probably getting released December, will be available on my bandcamp

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The Matrix is Intrinsically Trans my feature length film on why trans perspectives and voices matter is now up for everyone, please consider giving it a watch.

i want psychic powers (to be able to transfer my migraines to someone else)

I've been doing voiceovers since 2015, but I played my first game of D&D in 1991 and I’ve played #TTRPGs ever since.

I've voiced for Guinness, The UN, Pepsi and a lot of others, but not much in #TTRPG area.

If you have a project, I'd love to voice it, or contribute voice work to it, for like 20% of my normal fee.

If you’re a black or bipoc creator, I’ll do it for free, I’d like to try and make myself useful.

I’d really appreciate any boosts for this a lot.

every so often i remind myself that failure and looking stupid are bad things to be afraid of, and I spent years training myself out of those fears, so now I don't have to worry about them

I know plenty of catholics in ireland with no qualms with divorce or contaception, why would this be any different

many peoples views, not mine of course :), are a horrid syncretism; a mess of half remembered received wisdom they mistake for their own opinions, out of date info and flat out contradictions

its really unsurprising that someone like jones , mixing fact and fiction , got the audience he did

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this didnt go into an argument and it never came up again , afaik im the first trans woman this trainer had ever met, he'd probably only ever heard about trans stuff from people online and it sat in his head as True right up to the point he watched me strain slightly with a weight I would have easily lifted a year earlier

im p sure he still listens to joe rogan

people can just say to themselves "oh well hes right about X but wrong about Y and carry on unbothered"

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