🛡: Got to dodge a car that was trying to run us over, and got called ma'am at the mechanic despite having visible stubble. Its a good day.

talking politics is great and all but i feel like people shouldnt be allowed to heckle me for being an anarchist unless we're both high and have our tits out. thats my rule. you can try and convert me to a statist ideology when we're both stoned and halfnaked. any other time you gotta just roll with it.

i need something to smoke for my autism. its necessary for my speech patterns and yet its unattainable and so my true gestural intent is never fully demonstrated. its a tragedy

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they should invent a thing to smoke that doesnt give you cancer, is free, and wont fuck up your asthma. so many conversations require something to smoke, just to punctuate or buy time. its so important for the flow of dialogue and yet its so out of reach

"oh just smoke a blunt thats safer"


dude saw a haunted clock in a stalker knockoff and started waxing poetic about how scary it is to imagine a world without a free market. fall off a cliff dude

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listening to a game review and out of nowhere he says "its like it taps into my fear of communism itself" and immediately i am going to kill him. especially since it was about "state provided products" being scary. pal....... if the scariest thing you can imagine is a standardized and reliable item over 30 different varieties of built to break dogshit then i think we live on different planets. which like i guess is true since your a VR gaming youtuber which speaks to no small amount of affluence

am i the only one who thinks that when it comes to applying traits (such as compliments / hobbies / insults) Verbs are less extreme than Adjectives are less extreme than Nouns.

like everyone looks at me like im a space alien when i say that but i thought it was normal? someone lying isnt per se someone who lies isnt per se a liar. someone running isnt someone who runs isnt a runner. i thought this was normal? but people keep acting like im weird or calling it semantics so i need a sanity check

this post brought to you by me seeing a redditor saying "hm >:/ suzi hunter sounds a bit Masculine for trish >:/ oh shes trans? i had no idea!! :O why would you assume i knew that!! >:O why would you call me a transphobe you people are freaks >:("

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i need to find that clip of patricia taxxon screaming "WHO DO YOU THINK YOURE FOOLING-" and use it as a forum weapon

couldnt find any convincing audio for Silverware Clattering On Plates and The Cutting Of Pancakes that wouldnt require me to assemble a longish loop from half second clips so.

time to record me eating pancakes for podfeels.

podfeels artist asking what junes frames should look like and me pulling up all 3 of vriska's frames from the comic and two of june's frames from a godfeels artist for inspiration

why the fuck did vriska wear three different styles of frames over the comic

tbh dmc5's thing with the new generation being sleazier yet more compassionate than the old crew is a really funny dynamic. like dante's been shown to be Horny sometimes but its normally just him going Ooo Hot Woman.

nero and nico are the only ones to swear regularly, make sex jokes, and smoke. everyone else is too honorable.

but the younger crew are ALSO the only ones to consider that MAYBE fratricide isnt necessary

its fun. the gap between Clean But Morally Lazy and Gross But Compassionate

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i think its really funny how devil may cry handles smoking

one of the series founding principles was that dante was "old school cool" and didnt swear or smoke or anything like that. and that was pretty consistent not just with him but in the games themselves until 5, where they introduce ONE smoker, and her smoking is a way to establish her as more down to earth and sleazy compared to everyone else, and even her bestie who lights her cigarettes for her is annoyed and asks her to take it outside

like the game introduces up front that Beicoli betrayed your group and sucked up to the fascists, so most of the game youre listening to her music wondering what she did exactly and why, and then you Kill Her and the rest of the game when her singing comes on one of the tapes you just sit there growling at a ghost

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i think more games should do what Laika Aged Through Blood did, having all the games OST be by a single in universe artist who you kill 3/4ths through the game for being a fascist sellout

i love Open World Survival Crafting as a genre in theory but nobody has ever done it RIGHT. i have yet to find a good one. theyre ALL dogshit even though that ingredients list is so tantalizing. and im not willing to waste money on trying more out but im ALSO not willing to pirate indie so im just in this superposition of knowing a good one MUST exist but not knowing Where.

they always have One of Several vibekilling habits.

i earnestly think that come ten years Tears of the Kingdom will be viewed on the same level of Spirit Tracks.

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