@kate It’s amazing how it can be such a mystery 🧐

@kate Reminds me of the ‘90s Norm Macdonald bits on SNL: “From the medical journal ‘Duh’”

@kate Or tired of spending their lives stocking cans for a billionaire.

@kate Running businesses out of cars instead of being the system that is counted here. Who will unemployment apply to when none of us work for someone else? Haha.

Considering that's well under the number of people who have #postCOVID syndrome, and those of us who are working again are only able to do so due to Work From Home and other measures making it possible with our disability, yeah.

(Going to find this article and post my own screenshot now)

@kate Or they are immune compromised and can't actually participate in society very well now that they've been screwed by terrible health policies.

@jeff_schmidt @kate

Economics makes you stupid. Money can obviously make the disabled or dead into workers again.

It's basic Necromantic Economics.

Necronomics, you might say. Turns out the Necronomicon was never about names, it was just an Econ 101 textbook.

@NinjaDebugger @jeff_schmidt @kate Except one thing we've learned since 2020 is that employers aren't willing to pay people enough to get them to take their jobs.

@kate who the fuck wrote this? Like they did a massive study. It was all over the news late last year. *At minimum* 2 million people are long-term/permanently disabled due to long covid.

How could they not fucking know this?

@radicalrobit @kate It is difficult for a man (just guessing on gender, but i would bet money) to know a thing when his salary depends on him not knowing it.

@radicalrobit @kate
"not know"..."obsured & hid intentionally"...same diff, right? 🙄

@kate they got covid and died. they got covid and can’t work. the decided to retire because work was too damn dangerous. and many more now have to care for relatives, parents, siblings or children who are disabled or have lost a parent or care giver to covid

@GhostOnTheHalfShell @kate
Or they are in my group: they would like to work but aren't willing to risk possible decades of future life with on-site work for employers who won't take simple precautions like masking and installing HEPA filters.


I know a lot of 50 & 60 year olds who said "Eff it. My house is paid off. I'm not saving for an unaffordable car or international vacation anymore. The renos aren't needed to maintain resale values because nobody's building new houses anyway. I'm retiring early."

A lot of people found out that working from home or starting a business is better.

Without daycare, women discovered daycare is unaffordable.

Many closed their daycare because liability insurance became unaffordable.

@kate I used to be an economist (@ Labor Dept.) and know of where I speak. Economists sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. #obviousness #obliviousness

@SharonCrockett @kate

I often get the feeling that's a requirement for the job. :(

@kate @xenophora @SharonCrockett Beg to differ—it’s just that many times the “mainstream” ones for whom this information is inconvenient get more press and get more jobs than the folks willing to look more closely at the details.


A lot of dual-citizenship workers decided to stay in countries with a real *health care* system, and not one with a *health insurance* system.

When do American corporations realize that private health insurance is a millstone around their necks?

Over a million Americans died of covid and workers are avoiding any public facing job to avoid the anti-vaxxers, Qrazies, gun nuts, anti-maskers, and violent nutbars.

Many companies have outsourced remote jobs to outside the USA.

@Npars01 I've been wondering for ages when small businesses are going to wake up and stop buying into the anti- universal healthcare propaganda. When so many lose workers to Target because they provide viable, affordable healthcare and small businesses can't, you'd think a light would go off. @kate

@kate How can people still say this is a mystery????

Easy solution: Reformed immigration policy. There's not shortage of workers, just a shortage of racial and ethnic tolerance.

@kate I guess that's too simple of an answer for #GalaxyBrainChair economists...

@kate bingo! Somehow you found the answer no one else could!

@kate Don't forget the number of people working multiple jobs who went "fuck it, my life isn't worth this stress".

@kate Or are caring for someone with COVID, or retired early because who the hell wants to get COVID when you’re 60, or…. I mean none of this is a deep and bloody mystery.


They lost their daycare provider...to COVID.

They quit to take care of someone sick...with COVID.

They were disabled...by COVID.

I mean, there are huge social impacts they can't see?

death statistics 

@kate 1.04 million deaths reported, death rate jumped from 8.7 to 10.5 per thousand.

having .5% of the population die is huge when you're dealing with large enough numbers.

which leads to another crucial question: where are the brains of these fucking scrambling economists?

@kate there are three categories:
- working age people who died from COVID (~500k)
- working age people who can't work due to long COVID or repercussions of the COVID lockdowns
- near retiring age people who decided to say "fuck it" during COVID

This economic phenomenon (lack of labor) appeared after the Black Death in much more acuteness (due to extreme death rate) and is a largely considered the major catalyst for upending feudalism in England.

Economists should not be wondering.

@kate this is me agreeing and wondering why this is a mystery...sigh.

@SusanPotter @kate it’s like the old saying goes, “those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.”

@SusanPotter @kate

near retiring age people who decided to say "fuck it" during COVID

Ooh, this one has sub-categories, like:

people near retirement who were (often shortsightedly) laid off during covid, suddenly finding themselves unemployed in an environment where a new job requires either overcoming "they'd probably just retire in 2 years," aiming for a lower-paid position for which they're overqualified for, or retiring 👁️

@SusanPotter @kate Indeed. People really need to stop running from history and finally to allow themselves to learn meaningful lessons from it and to take positive action.

@kate They’ve been getting COVID19. That’s why people are not at work. They’re sick or in hospitals.

Many businesses are under staffed because of sickness not because they don’t want to work or they’re lazy taking unemployment insurance, they’re off because they’re sicken by the disease.

Some may have even been sick previously and have retained LongCovid which can come to those who were unvaccinated and never sought treatment of any kind. Sad.

I’ve spoken to restaurant owners.

@kate I would say that the same is likely here in #Australia perhaps not quite so bad.

@kate many retired early, mothers haven't rejoined the workforce because of childcare shortages, large numbers are unable to work because of long COVID, many first responders and essential workers lost their lives to COVID, and many haven't rejoined the workforce due to caretaking of partner or parents with COVID disabling conditions.

@kate we're up to an estimated 65 million people globally with long covid according to this recent study


@kate right? I keep hearing it in every news story. We have a shortage of teachers, cops, airline pilots ,nurses, doctors... and every story presents each as an isolated question.

@kate Don’t forget about Trump’s anti-immigrant policies that resulted in ~2 million fewer immigrants.

@kate let's see. over 1.1 million have died from Covid. Currently, there are 103 million affected (as of Jan 9) and long covid has potentially affected 23 million which has pushed over 1 million out of work from the disability. #wearafuckingmask and if you don't want to get vaccinated, stay home.

@kate @tim They got fucking #LongCovid and are still sick. And that doesn’t even cover people like me who are trying to work while coping with it. My productivity is less than a quarter of what it used to be. We know LEAST 10% of Covid infections result in #PASC and it could be more like 30%. Let’s see 147 million estimated infections in US (cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/) is 15-44 million cases of PASC. What we don’t know is what fraction of PASC sufferers recover function and how long it takes.

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