its awesome to watch the consent machine try like 900 different ways to make this argument on behalf of commercial real estate

@kate the best way to detach from work is to work from home, where you can take breaks to look at nice things you have like a pet; and the best way to psychologically recover from work is to limit the psychological impact of work by *not fucking commuting there and being in a stupid place that's someone else's*

@kate half the time more than 5 people interact with one of my trills its some reply i made to you

@SophiaSurname @kate
capitalists: “you need to commute to an office for real estate purposes”

me working from home: “aha my 5 minute break every 1 hour: I will fill it with cat botty pats” *Pat Pat Pat Meow*

@kate Or, you know, meditating. Just sit and breathe.

Or any ritual of closure.

Damn this is so grossly slanted.

@kate working fewer hours and spending more time at home with your family is categorically not "detaching from work" apparently

@EdCates @rolenthedeep @kate ugh, don't tell me they are trying to bring back quiet quiting 🙄

@kate I’ve seen like 5 different versions of “bosses have more power with the economy the way it is, so back to the office they demand” 🙄 this week

@kate I’ve been managing to detach from work by closing Outlook and leaving the room

It is astonishing how little regard the author must have for others to fart out an article like this while thinking, "Now THIS should convince those uppity plebs to toe the line."

@jcutting @kate while 100% working from their home themselves, the quislings.

@jcutting @kate
I would like to believe the author was thinking, "At least that's over with and for yet another pay period I get to continue working at this writing gig... at home."

@kate Commuting: because no one ever felt any stress about their job or their life while sitting in traffic or sharing a bus with strangers passing through an industrial neighborhood! (kill me now.)

@kat_richardson @kate In the late ‘80s, I had a band in Santa Barbara, California. Our lead singer, whose loves were music and horses, moved up to a ranch area, 50 miles away. She quit the band a few months later. I figure that the one hour in the car doing a boring drive along the coast meant she was not decompressing about rehearsal issues, but grinding on them.

@kat_richardson @kate My current job has a tolerable 12-20 minute commute. I’ve been onsite since October. Many co-workers cannot afford the housing in town and have 40-60 minute commutes. Some who sit near me have been told to be onsite Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are not happy about that.

That Fortune magazine snippet shown? 40 years back, when commutes were already hated, the letters to the editor would be swamped with “Let me have some of what you’re smoking” responses.

@pomCountyIrregs @kate I'd have guessed the same. I used to have a very long commute—90-120 min each way. I did it on the bus, reading and working on my own projects on the way to my "paying" job, but I arrived at each end of the commute every day stressed. To be fair, I wrote and edited two successful novels in those commutes, which allowed me to quit the day job, but in the current state of publishing, I'm now looking for a new "Day Job" so I can keep on eating. I dread commuting again.

@kate Me: "How about this solution, assholes: LESS WORK."

@kate @yuki2501 Right! If you need to psychologically recover from something, why don’t we as a society… end the thing? Or if it can’t be ended, lessen it?

@kate It is the same with the so-called "#recession" the #WSJ and other #Murdoch media want to finally push via articles.

Corporate is panicking about blue collar workers getting more money, higher wages.

They want more jobless people. They don't even hide it.

Same here: They WANT people to return to offices to get more rent and more companies to lease more space.

@toor @kate

Of course. Same reason the hedge funders are pushing for tech layoffs.....

They want salaries down overall.

@kate Thank you for making me realize another group with a vested interest in this useless ritual called "the work place" or "the office" or whatnot. So far I had my sights set on the companies that force people to the office, but yes, it makes a lot of sense for the people owning now-useless property to start paying for this "advertising" as it were.

@phf @kate

gotta wonder how much money the company owners are paying to try to sell their solid gold beach homes and shit 🙃😈

@kate Agreed! For some reason taking an hour for me to get home in some major rush hour traffic never helped me destress at all. I recover much better from work when I can relax at home immediately at clock out time!

@kate I feel like the only way this could be accurate is if it were only targeted to the small demographic of commuters who get to ride a bicycle to work. :p

@kate Biden could really move the needle on this issue by committing to making remote work permanent for as many federal employees as possible. Obviously, a lot of federal jobs cannot be done from home. If you work in a SCIF or at a lab, at least part of the time you're going to need to come in. But many, if not most, federal positions require only a desk, a chair, a computer, and a phone and can be done from literally anywhere.

@kate Biden could get out in front of the cameras and say "Republicans want to waste tax dollars on expensive office space jobs that can be done from home. All indications are that federal employees are as productive doing remote work than they were in the office, if not more productive. Why do the Republicans want to spend public money to make government work worse for the American people?"

@kate And anybody in a managerial role who after almost 3 years of remote work says something like "But how do I know my employees are working if I can't see them?" needs to be fired immediately for gross incompetence.

@MadMadMadMadRN @kate There are so many real productivity problems with remote work, and those idiots choose to fixate on one thing that is not a problem? Sigh.

@MadMadMadMadRN @kate My senior managing director dirtbag is halfway across the country and can with two clicks (from home, natch) examine my entire working day. I *wish* that quote was the problem.

@kate Psychologically recover by dealing with the stress of overcrowding, pushing, shoving, delays, people coughing not wearing masks or covering their mouths, or bad traffic and bad drivers. Sure, sounds great.

@CStamp @kate Yes. This. Nothing recharges my psyche like traffic.

...said no one ever.

@kate Spoken like someone who’s never sat in traffic for an hour, hung by a strap jammed up among strangers, waited in the cold for an empty bus…

@kate It takes a week to psychologically recover from commuting on the MTA tho

@kate Tempted to see if either of the authors are ex McKinsey employees

I screamed out loud 3 times on my commute home today due to jolting of my back and neck because of delapidated busses, potholed roads, drivers who (no fault of theirs) have been rushed into the job.

@kate I love the fact that the headline didn't include something like "go take a walk"

I do the whole disconnect bit with a post work cuddle with my cat. Sometimes there is a snooze involved. Works like a charm.

@kate I did a two hr commute each way for two years and it didn’t help me recover, it turned me into a numb zombie. Never again.


if you bother to read the article, you should learn two things
some people LIKE commuting in their car
there is good evidence that commuting can be for some people, helpful

now you may not like this but you are not allowed to dismiss reality

@failedLyndonLaRouchite @kate you are intentionally overlooking that the goal of the piece is to try and convince people to go back to the office instead of working from home. Don’t be part of the problem.

@kate just started watching ‘Severance’ so I’m thinking a long commute isn’t the only option 😂

@kate actually my early 20 something daughter just said this a couple weeks ago. Agree. That car is a tiny sanctuary. Train? Perhaps.

@kate what crap. My commute was stressful and nerve-wracking.

@kate like, I can log off, take a walk around the block or sit in my garden and achieve the same thing… without the wasted time commuting or elevated COVID risk of it all

@kate I keep saying this about things, and it keeps being true;

In case anyone was wondering what a dystopia looks like, this is what it looks like

@kate @ouinne that byline is hilarious and really speaks to the integrity of the article

@kate I mean, the article's not wrong, but you know what I do to make up for not having to commute? I go walk to the neighborhood square and back.

@BalooUriza @kate Commuting is no way to "psychologically recover" from anything. It's stressful as fuck sitting in heavy traffic for an hour or more each day, not to mention dangerous and horrible for the planet.

@erellsworth Depends on how you commute. Driving? Yeah. Carpool when you're not the one driving? Sometimes. Public transit, not usually. Cycling or walking? Qalm.


@kate That is one of the most colossally stupid headlines I've ever seen, and I just lived through the Trump years!

@kate 1. Why would anyone need to "psychologically recover" from a psychologically non-traumatizing job 😭 how about bosses just not treat workers like shit? How about workers demand better working conditions?
2. Commuting is expensive as fuck, both in terms of money and time- very physically and psychically exhausting too, if you come home and feel you barely have energy to shower, cook & eat (god forbid you want to spend time on relationships, hobbies or physical exercise) well it's really no wonder if you spent 2-3 or even more hours commuting. Anyway i kind of hate this headline 😒

@kate with articles like this we might be better off letting chatGPT write our news for them

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