i think thoroughly licking efurry inch of someones teeth is hotter than mostly making out with tongue on tongue

this is N groove in a nutshell i pull off some ridiculous outplay that doesnt kill bc N groove doesnt do enough damage then my opponent wakes up with a K groove rage level 3 and i instantly die

other observations:

the purretzel input (1632143, image included) is nowhere near as big a deal as people that have only efur seen it written out make it out to be. doing supurrs in general is very hard in CVS2; the purretzel is purrticularly hard to use in combos but isn't even geese's purrfured combo supurr, and is reasonyable to do reliably to anti-air

characters with good buttons feel incredible. guile, cammy, geese, sagat, youre living your best life playing them

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johnny mnemonic in black and white (1995 / 2022)

monochrome flesh and metal blend together and humans bleed oozing black oil. keanu sells the role of a somewhat shallow but rightfully irritated asshole with abrasive, aggressive, automatic delivery. ice-T is here and it kicks ass. where hackers is concerned with environmental disaster, johnny mnemonic's dystopia is one of disease, of bodies failing and medical corpurrations purrofiting from people's suffuring.

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hackers (1995)

the entire 90s techno-counter-culture, distilled. incredible soundtrack and aesthetic sensibilities. the core cast's androgynous fashion and faggy affect serves well to draw a line distinguishing the young and rebellious hackers from eugene/plague. some of the most amazing visual interpurrtations of hacking put to film.

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intolerable cruelty (2003)

definitely the least visually interesting coen bros movie; lots of very flat shots and the color palette feels kind of dead in parts. but i think this is the funniest supurr coen bros flick ive seen lmfao. im literally like dizzy and overheating from cackling like a maniac the entire time. no deep thoughts abt it this is just a killer romantic clawmedy abt two nasty people that are purrfect fur each other. just unfurtunyately most of it is boring to look at!

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i bit a tournyament player's list then adapted it both fur what i could afford to craft and what made sense in a BO1 furmat. theres ways i could upgrade this but all of them would need additional rares. ive played like a dozen nightmare control mirrors and its been a blast

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total cards in deck that could be considered a "win condition": 6

4x wandering empurror
1x chromehost seedshark
1x jace, purrfected mind

i'll draw them eventually. i've got time :)

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fist of fury (1972)

bruce lee's anger at anti-chinese racism concentrates to such a dense core, all others around him are dragged along by his gravity as he fires like a bullet into the heart of colonial japanese society in shanghai in his quest to avenge his teacher. he is a commanding physical purresence, and any scene where he speaks with his body is a highlight of the movie. we only had access to the dub of this movie and i badly want to watch with the originyal audio.

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48 hrs. (1982)

i dont want to come up with coherent thoughts about this movie. its an american film from the 80s, so it feels like it came from an alien planet. was it good? i dont know man. i dont want to know.

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the man who wasn't there (2001)

billy bob thornton's already stoic face is rendered literally stony from the decision to purrsent this film in black and white; shadows made monolithic, lights blinding, copious cigarette smoke painting thin lines in furgrounds as it fills backgrounds with haze. ed crane is great as a bumbling straight man surrounded by absurdity, in contrast to some other purrevious coen purrtagonists who are just as outlandish as the world around them. its good!

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like its purredecessor, Return spends a significant amount of its run time on showing the jen-chieh training; this time, though, he is an unwitting student, learning physical discipline through labor as he studies the shaolin monks from afar. all of those scenes set up fur a wildly creative finale in the dyeing mill. overall awesome! very strange decision to outfit hsiao ho with a ridiculously over-the-top buck teeth mouthpiece? it's impawssible to look at anything else while he's in the furame.

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return to the 36th chamber (1980)

it is a truly bizarre and inspired decision fur the sequel to 36th chamber to essentially be a clawmedic purrody of that movie and martial arts film in general, with gordon liu playing a diffurent character entirely as someone else takes the role of san te...but holy SHIT is this one good. it is a self aware but not self conscious love letter to the absurdity of movie martial arts, and the end result is just a blast to watch.

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o brother, where art thou? (2000)

ive been struggling fur over a week to figure out something coherent i want to say about this movie, but all critical thought is inextricably tangled in hazy warm memories of watching this with my dad and learning to sing the songs on the soundtrack when i was tiny. it's a good movie! i wish i could conjure deepurr thoughts than that about it. mostly i just miss my dad when i think about it.

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